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Content Warning: 14+ It contains jumpscare and loud noise in the end.

Masamura Inn is an Japanese-themed short interactive drama psychological horror game created by Frederick C. Borromeo.

Made with Scream Jam, J-Horror Jam and 1st RPG Maker GOTM Jam.


Her name is Akina. A girl who went her in the inn to seek the other side. The other side of the inn is full of illusion cultist member known as The Masamura Family. The man without illusion who wants to join as a cult member of the family. But she denied to join him and ran away. Although she didn't escaped after the fox girl without illusion prevent to escape her.


  • No battles, choices and quests.
  • 5 minutes to play.
  • Make sure you need volume down in the end of the game.


Masamura Inn.rar 426 MB

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